Fiddler's Green

Directions . . .

Located in Cherry Home Shores,
eight miles north of the beautiful harbor town of Northport.

  • Zeroize your odometer at the "201" sign under the flashing light where the two "M-22's" meet in Northport.
  • Follow the "201" signs thru Northport (several turns).
  • At 1.6 miles, you will see "201 ends" and a road fork - veer right (avoid "Peterson park").
  • At 2.0 miles, another fork - veer right (avoid "Kilcherman").
  • At 3.0 miles, curve left (avoid "Northport Point"). Pass "Woolsey Airport" (4.3) and "Seven Pines" (4.8).
  • At 6.2 miles, immediately after second "Arcadia Woods" sign you will see a carved "Cherry Home Shores" sign.
  • Turn right on "Knollwood". (1.1 miles to go).
  • Turn right again at first opportunity. You will curve counterclockwise and end up heading North on the beach front road ("Forest Beach Shores").
  • At 7.3, you will see 13674 (3rd cottage on right past community tennis courts).

The mailbox and driveway you're looking for will be on the right . . .

Map . . .

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Ticket info - call 800-555-1212